The Regulatory Board is governed by the decisions taken in the Plenary Session – which is the organ that directs this entity – and that is composed of:

  • President, Vice-President and Secretary.
  • Ten board members on behalf of the owners of vineyards registered in the vineyards registry of the Control Board, plus three substitutes in case of work absence.
  • Ten board members on behalf of the owners of wineries registered in the records of wineries in production, storage, growing and bottling facilities, plus three substitutes in case of work absence.
  • The general director competent in the field of agro-food quality, or the person that he/she appoints as representative of the competent Department in the field of food and agriculture.
  • The elected counselors, according to the latest elections and forming the Plenary of the Protected Designation of Origin Control Board, are:

CENSUS A, consisting of wine growers associated with cooperatives and agricultural societies in transformation.

D. José Luis Robredo, (President)

D. Alberto Lacruz Domínguez

D. José Gabriel Martínez Pedrón

D. Antonio Haba Gabaldón

Dª. Rosa Mª Garijo Ponce

D. Julio Pardo Cárcel

D. Jacinto Murciano Latorre

D. José Luis Güaita Vargas

CENSUS B, composed of independent winegrowers

D. Luis Javier Navarro Berlanga

Latorre Agrovinícola, S.A. represented by D. Luis Miguel Latorre Ochando, who holds the position of Vice President.
CENSUS C, producing wineries

Coop. V. Coop. del Campo, de Camporrobles, represented by D. Tomás Fernández Solaz

Coop. V. San Isidro Labrador de Los Marcos, represented by D. Sergio  Cárcel Viana

Coop. V. San Isidro Labrador de Campo Arcís, represented by D. Gabriel Hernández Robredo

CENSUS D, in which the bottling cellars are represented

Vicente Gandía, S.A. represented by D. Luis García Severino

Coviñas, Coop. V. represented by D. José Miguel Medina Pedrón

Murviedro, S.A represented by D. Pablo González Ossorio

Compañía Vinícola del Campo de Requena, represented by D. Félix Martínez Roda

Dominio de Aranleón SL., represented by Dña. María Sancho

Chozas Carrascal, S.L. represented by D. Julián López Olaso

Viña Ardal, S.A.T. Nº 60 C.V.  represented by D. Luis Gil-Orozco Esteve.

The / the manager / a competent overall food quality, or whom he / to designate as a representative of the competent consellería of food and agriculture.
Standing Committee


D. Jose Luis Robredo Hernández                                                           

D. Jose Gabriel Martínez Pedrón                                           

D. Jacinto Murciano Latorre                                                                                                   

D. Luis Javier Navarro Berlanga  

Latorre Agrovinícola, S.A.  (D. Luis Miguel Latorre Ochando)


Coop. V. San Isidro Labrador (Campo Arcis) (Representative)

D. Gabriel Hernandez Robredo                  



Bodegas Murviedro, S.A. (Representative)

Pablo González Ossorio

Chozas Carrascal, S.L. (Representative)

D. Julián López Olaso    
Committee of Parties

It is created to guarantee the impartiality of the Certification Service in the development of the activity of product certification, through the participation of all the interests involved in relation to the content and operation of the certification system, as defined in the UNE EN-45011 or standard that replaces It corresponds to the Committee of Parties, where appropriate, to assess the decisions and activities of the Certification Service related to the certification.

It is composed of elected members without the dominance of particular interest, namely:

Two members representing the interests of vine growers and wineries, two members representing the interests of users and consumers and one member, in a group comprising representatives of the public interest and experts on conformity assessment.